Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Materials and instructions by Bojan Cestnik

Materials IKT2

IKT2 Course I (November 7, 2018, 16:00-19:00): IKT2 DM & KD I

IKT2 Course II: IKT2 DM & KD II


QTvity collaboration:

Questions and Answers activity: QTvity
Course: MPS DMKD

Points for QTvity collaboration during the course lectures in 2018/19:

No. Student Ans.PtsΣ andΣ pts

Seminar assignment:

ICT2 Students are kindly asked to send me a half page proposal with their seminar problem description. It should contain the title, data set description, data preprocessing steps, and the potential benefits of the proposed activities.

After my approval of the proposed problem students are expected to complete their work and write 15-20 page document using the following template:

Important dates:


Gordon S. Linoff. Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel. Wiley, 2008.

Dorian Pyle. Data Preparation for Data Mining. Morgan Kaufmann, 1999.

Gerhard Widmer et al. In Search of the Horowitz Factor. AI Magazine, 2003.

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